Extraction Bone Grafts

What are Extraction Bone Grafts?

Extraction Bone Grafts
While your permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, there are times when you may need to have a tooth removed or replaced. When this happens, make an appointment with Chan Wilkhu, DMD. Dr. Wilkhu provides professional tooth extractions and bone grafts that will give you the health and function you need and the smile you deserve.

Do You Need an Extraction?

An extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed. Common reasons to perform an extraction include an overly crowded mouth, an infected tooth and a tooth that is at risk for infection. If your tooth is severely damaged or infected beyond repair, an extraction may be the best course of treatment. By removing your old tooth, you remove the damage and make room for a new tooth.

While the thought of an extraction might be anxiety-producing, the good news is that you're in good hands when you visit Dr. Wilkhu. Dr. Wilkhu will work with you to make sure that an extraction is only performed if necessary and that the procedure goes well if performed.

Do You Need a Bone Graft?

Unfortunately, even after your injured or infected tooth is removed, your mouth may not be ready for a new tooth right away. If you choose dental implants, your jawbone may need to be built up slightly first in order to accommodate and support the implant.

With a bone graft, Dr. Wilkhu will take bone from your body, a donor or the lab and graft it onto your jawbone for a sturdier foundation. Once the jaw has had time to heal, your dental implants can be placed with a much higher chance of success. Bone grafts do provide an extra step in the process, but they are well worth the time they take.

If your teeth are badly damaged or decayed, replacing them with dental implants may be your best option. Call Dr. Wilkhu and set up an appointment to discuss your extraction and bone grafting options today.

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