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Teeth Cleaning

Even if you practice proper oral hygiene, bacteria, plaque, and tartar can build up and put your dental health at risk.

At Family Dentistry & Prosthodontics, our dentists can help you prevent tooth decay and lay the foundation for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Learn why patients regularly turn to our Merritt Island, FL, practice for thorough teeth cleanings.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning?

Most teeth cleanings at our Merritt Island office take less than 30 minutes; however, they may take up to an hour depending on your needs. Regardless of how long your time in the chair will be, here are the steps you can expect our dental care team to take:

Oral Examination

A hygienist will use a small mirror to examine the inside of your mouth and brief your dentist on any more apparent issues. If something more serious is found, your dentist may prioritize discussing the next steps to address it over cleaning your teeth.

Plaque and Tarter Removal

Your hygienist will use a special tool to gently remove plaque that’s hiding between your teeth and along your gum line. They will also remove tartar that has formed on the front and back of your teeth.


Your hygienist will use tooth polish and a high-powered brush to smooth the surfaces of your teeth, making it more difficult for plaque to bond to them. This step also works to prevent gum irritation and gum pockets, a symptom of gum disease.

Floss Between the Teeth

Your hygienist will floss to remove any lingering plaque hiding between the teeth and identify areas where your gums bleed.

Final Examination

Your dentist will come in and do a final checkup; if no oral health issues are detected, you’re all done. At this time, your dentist can answer any questions you have about keeping up a clean, healthy smile by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly for oral examinations.

Caring for Natural Teeth and Prosthetics Teeth Cleaning for Overdentures

Hybrid dental implants — or overdentures — need routine care just like natural teeth do. Our team can effectively clean harder-to-reach areas between dentures and your natural gums to remove the buildup of infection-causing bacteria and promote healthy gum tissue. Our dental cleanings can help upkeep the integrity of your implants and prosthetic, so you get the most out of your rejuvenated smile for longer.

Luxury Treatment.

Affordable Care.

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Most dental insurance policies cover one or two teeth cleanings per year. Our dental practice in Merritt Island, FL, accepts most insurances and will work to maximize the benefits available to you. Additionally, our dental care team also accepts CareCredit®, a third-party financing option that lets you break down the cost of treatment into monthly installments. Regardless of your situation, a healthy smile is invaluable and we'll do everything we can to help you stay in-budget.

What Patients Have to Say About Our Merritt Island, FL, Dentistry Practice


David Bue

Merritt Island, FL


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Very good cleaning. Sue did a great job. Good experience as always.

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Madeline Touza

Merritt Island, FL


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Always a pleasure to go to this dental office. It’s state of the art. Had a fabulous cleaning!!! I think if it as spa time for me.

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Dr. Chan Wilkhu

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Our team of friendly dental professionals can help you and your family enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles for years to come. Our dentists are members of a number of professional associations including:

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